Artificial Intelligence

Cloud has become a necessity and we implement it faster for you. Nova Force Cloud Migration service is extends your organizations and migrate your business applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity, lowered capital and operating costs. Our Cloud Services Reduce IT costs and make your business more agile.

Core Offerings

Cloud Services

  • Business relevant features created from multiple data sources Tree-based models (Random Forest, Gradient Boosting) were built to predict sales • Models deployed On-prem. Models were updated every day based on campaign data Scaling, automating and securing cloud.
  • Migrating current physical environment to the Cloud
  • Optimize existing cloud CoE
  • Environments enabling application development.

Smart Cloud Services

  • Mobility on cloud
  • Business process management
  • Optimization
  • Decision management

Our cloud services involves the seamless flow of user data from users’ servers, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Cloud services promote the building of cloud-native applications and the flexibility of working in the cloud. Users can access cloud services with nothing more than a computer, operating system, and internet connectivity.